January 16th, 2003



I took some antihistamine tablets this morning to quell the itching of this new rash. I also washed it thoroughly with Zanfel. I am hoping the Zanfel takes effect quickly. It seems to have done so, it seems like some of the spots are drying already.

In any case, it isn't itching. But I am so sleepy! I feel like I might fall over. It's not a horrible feeling, and I think I can handle it. But I don't want to think too much if I can avoid it.
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THis is a day I'd rather take off. I'd prefer to go home, take a nap, get up to wash the arms with Zanfel. But I have Jill at four and dancing at 7:30 so I have to tough it through. And tomorrow I leave for Las Vegas, complete with the bed on top of my car and the inside stuffed. Which it isn't, yet, not completely. It will be a tiring trip, I'm betting.

I look forward to seeing Jill and I look forward to dancing. Just right now, though, I feel so tired.