January 15th, 2003


I worry too much

I have been creating powerpoint slide shows for presentation at a city workshop on the 25th. I have done very little in powerpoint before this, so had to figure out a lot of things. I stressed on it quite a bit and ended up with something rather simple for both slide shows. I worried that the lettering might not be readable enough of the test might be entering too fast or too slow or something. Today I sent the shows out to the committee members. So far the response has been really positive. I am so relieved. I just worry too damned much.

just when I thought...

I have broken out with new rashes. I must have come in contact with some thing that had the urushiol oil on it, that I failed to wash. I thought I had washed everything.

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My right forearm is nicely splotched up with a fresh rash. It seems to be the worst, but it's breaking out all over again. Lordy. Hate it.
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