January 14th, 2003



There is going to be an anti-war demonstration in front of the Bellagio on my birthday, this weekend, Elaine tells me. Yes, I'll be there. I've noticed, from the alternative press, that such demonstrations are taking place all over the country. I rarely see anything on the mainstream news about it, though. Not that I follow that news closely - but I do run through NYT headlines online, glance at newspapers, even read sections in coffee places.

presentation anxiety

I am working up two powerpoint presentations for the big Pismo "chart the course" event on the 25th. I have used PP very little but I learn quickly, so I volunteered. I've decided to keep them both as simple as possible and easy to use.

What's funny is that I feel almost guilty working on this here. It's a city project, we are all doing different things for this event, and doing them on city time, so it's legitimate. Yet somehow I feel like I should be doing other things.

At the same time, I am relieved that I have gotten as far as I have with them. Now I can start stressing on the handouts.

Fortunately, I don't have to present anything myself. That would just be an extra fuss.

doing things

I headed straight for the dental surgeon's office from work, for a recheck. All is looking well. I go back on Jan 30 for an evaluation of where we are, what the next steps are for the implants. They'll take X-rays, see how the bone growth is.

From there, Morro Bay. I thought I'd be able to pick up Mary's bed. But I did not realize the bed was still being used. Roy was sleeping on it. So I told him I wanted to pick it up and would tomorrow be okay. He said sure. So I was outta there and on to the little coffee place Mary and I like. The Rock Espresso Cafe. I indulged in a small latte, sitting there reading, watching a family play pick-up stix.

On my way home I decided to stop at the pound, see what notices had been put up in the lost cat category. Just on the off chance that someone is actually looking for Stretch. I copied down the only two reports that sounded like they might possibly be Stretch. Now that I am home, I checked the boy over and he does not have the features those reports mentioned. So it seems nobody reported him missing. Which is how it seems, considering he just showed up in the park one day and hung around for quite a while. If someone in the area were looking, I think they would have posted signs and maybe even knocked on doors.

At the coffee place I saw a poster in the window, advertising Hope Dance's film showings. They are having a showing of three anti-war films tonight at the library, suggested donation three bucks. Seven. So I'm going. It's nice once in a while to be surrounded by people who give a shit.