January 13th, 2003



I am getting the latest version of Pegasus mail. It's 3.76 MB so I will likely be leaving the computer going when I leave for work. I don't know why I choose to start things like this when I won't be around to see them finished. Presumably the program I use for downloading finds ways to speed it up and resumes if it gets cut off. I am not sure it really works all that well,though.

I'm impressed

The file downloaded without a hitch and I installed it already. So that download accelerator actually does accelerate. When one uses a 56k modem, one appreciates such things.


Anthony Michael Hall - the nerd in The Breakfast Club - is the cool hunk in The Dead Zone. I keep shaking my head, trying to reconcile the teen with the man.

Timothy Hutton in Ordinary People became Archie in Nero Wolfe, another transformation, but easier to grasp.

I see Hall's expressions in The Dead Zone, knowing, seeing, confident, visionary. It's an interesting series, relies on a strong and complex leading man. It is for some reason a guilty pleasure for me. I guess any program that relies on the supernatural would fall in that category.