December 24th, 2002


meeting others

I found this online - a web site devoted to bringing LJ-ers together in person, free, no spam:

I signed up. So far there are four of us in this area, who might actually meet.

Buffy truths

I found Buffy on early this morning, and watched it as usual. Some episodes I had not seen. In one, Riley gives in to his urge to let vampires drink his blood. After Buffy sees him deep in the clutches of a female vamp, he tries to explain.

He says the vampires need him, want him, want to consume him utterly, and he needs that, wants that. He says Buffy never needs him that way, that much.

In the end, he ships out - later he meets another adventure buff, female variety, and marries her - another ep - and Buffy is left wondering and wanting.

And I am, too. Is "need" necessary for love? I don't think it should be. The bigger question - why would I use Buffy as a springboard for questions about love?