December 19th, 2002


The Graduate

Elaine successfully graduated yesterday, amid about 1500 others, all of whom were named and shown on a big-screen monitor visible to all. It took about two hours, including several speeches, so some people were antsy. I hung on to the very end, taking what pictures I could. We were, however, parked in the top rows in this large stadium, so I knew I would not be getting much in the way of good photos.

During the ceremonies, Joey developed a fever. He fell asleep after not very long, and Mary held him on her lap, adjusting and re-adjusting, and worrying about his fever. Sally came to Las Vegas from the boondocks uphill from Bakersfield (Welden), with her daughter, her niece, and her fiance Les ("Like 'Less is More'," he said). Colleen came as well, although I am not certain why - I think because Mary dragged her there.

Dinner went well but there were initially problems. I had forgotten to reserve a room for dinner until the day before, and by that time the only space available was a room that holds about ten people, eleven with great squeezing. There were fifteen of us. Les then said that the girls wouldn't eat anything but hamburger anyway, so they would leave. We don't know if this was true or not, but it could be. In any case, that meant the rest of us fit fine. Lots of food, nice company, a good combination.

I should have gotten more photos of Elaine. It seemed like there was a lot of confusion and pressure right after the graduation, so we didn't get many at all, and I don't think we got any of her alone! Damn.

Mary and her dad left for home at about 1:30 this afternoon. Elaine and I are seeing a play tonight, a play produced by a fellow women's studies student as her praxis, as I understand. I'll spend another night at the hotel. And what rooms! Our dirt-cheap room has two large beds, couch, chair, coffee table, desk, large television in cabinet, hair dryer, ironing board & iron, shampoo & conditioner plus lotion and mouthwash, large tub with brass fittings. It's near-luxury and it's their "standard" room. But of course this is Las Vegas and it's a casino.

I'm going to see if I can get photos developed. I've been trying to catch up on lost sleep, just a little.