December 1st, 2002



I woke with a headache. It's still here. Too much worry, perhaps.

Mary came back from work at about 7:30 last night. She had to close up, and there was nobody else there. She called me from the gate, which she was trying to lock, freaked. She had been left in the "snack bar" doing everything, even making drinks at the bar. She said she had no idea how to make some of them, and when someone ordered a margarita and she couldn't find the margarita mix, she asked the customer if he knew how to make it, and he gave her directions for some elaborate drink. Who knows if it was correct or just his opportunity to have exactly what he wanted at a cheap price?

It seems really strange that she was left there entirely alone. I hope she says something to her manager about it, about how uncomfortable it made her feel.

I half-dreamed about web pages for the motel. I thought about Steve offering a pet-sitting business on the side. Lodge your dog. When I awoke I realized what an insane idea it was. Not entirely insane for the right situation, but insane for a special four-room motel.

I want to send Steve and John some kind of thank-you gift, and thought about photographs of the many different aspects of where I live. We were talking about it because a photographer has invited Steve to come visit in Cambria, and Steve and John have never been here. I was thinking about Halcyon, the Dunites, Route 166, the rocky shores of Montana de Oro, the views from the peaks of Bishop Peak and San Luis Mountain, places like the little lagoon we visited yesterday, the artsy flavor of Cambria Village, the fisherman's paradise of Morro Bay, the Rock, Hearst Castle, downtown SLO, the creek walk in SLO. What else? Vineyards. Oak-covered slopes.

This is starting to sound more like a long-term project than a quick gift. Photos, descriptions, laid out in a collage. I might be able to find some good photos online, though.