November 28th, 2002


Thanksgiving day

We are all in Desert Hot Springs. Didn't get in until ten-ish last night. Mary and I stopped several times along the way, looking for shoes for Mary because she neglected to bring anything but shower shoes. We got somewhat waylaid by clothing racks at thrift stores and cheap stores. We also ran into a fair amount of traffic, as expected.

It's beautiful here. The temperature seems perfect, the mountains are clear, there is a slight breeze. I understand the wind is expected to pick up later this afternoon.

I saw three rabbits run across the road right after I turned on the last road to the motel. This morning I saw a road runner actually running across the road. The other species that is out today is the Bargain Hunter. All over K-Mart, which has Thanksgiving Day specials. Getting a jump on the competition, if they can, I guess. We were there, too, buying things we forgot to bring with us.

We are going into Palm Springs in a little while, after Elaine's nails dry. Then we'll go to Steve's other motel at four, have a veggie thanksgiving dinner, along with the other guests. We met the other guests this morning when Joey wandered to their door, knocked, introduced himself, came in and started telling them his life story. They are from Arizona, came here Monday, are two elderly women.

Mary has to work Saturday so I don't get to stay as long as I wanted. Sigh. Maybe one day I'll just come here by myself. It's a thought. I love having my family here, today. It's a real pleasure, so nice.