November 27th, 2002



For some reason, Mary's dad invited a woman and her three or four children to live in the trailer in back of his house. They are essentially gypsies, but I don't know how they arrived at his house, what the relationship is, if any.

The neighbors started complaining. Mary asked me if it were illegal for them to be living there and I said yes. She told her dad they could move into the house with her temporarily. So now there is a whole family in there with Mary - and her dad is talking about moving things out of Joey's room so they can stay in there. It's okay with Mary for them to have the room, but she does not want others moving her stuff.

Roy was always like this, inviting people in on the spur of the moment, assuming whatever others owned he could use, move, sell, whatever.


I'm heading off to Desert Hot Springs. heaven knows when I'll get there...we have to drive through L.A.