November 26th, 2002


on the horizon

I slept badly, but don't feel very sleepy now. I woke with a headache, which seems to be gone now. I am worried about money. How to get through to the next paycheck. I am scrambling for answers. Somehow I will make it, as I always do. It's just a tough time. Tougher than I've faced in quite a while.


There is really no good explanation for my obsession with this show. It isn't as if I usually even watch every minute of each episode. I often am doing other things while it is on. But tonight I am watching more closely, and I'm on my third episode. Yikes.

I thought about the Buffy women. Thought of generalizations, that they tend to be small, with big lips, straight hair, speak in a kind of stutter when nervous. Then I realized that this really only applies to two of the women, maybe three.

And now I'm intrigued by Spike, the vampire-turned-powerless-who-then-regains-his-soul-and-falls-in-love-with-his-enemy,-Buffy. So what's that about? the show Buffy is something of a cross between 90210 and Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, owing perhaps more to Rice than Spelling.

Perhaps none of this is why I enjoy the show. I maybe just enjoy it, it pleases me, entertains me.

Why do some of us become addicted to particular television shows? This happened to me with The Practice, Alias, Twin Peaks, among others. Even comedies, like Frasier and Friends. And I developed a huge taste for Queer as Folk, except I had to see it on DVD. Which means I ran through all episodes in record time and now am bereft, have none to see until the next DVD comes out.

Perhaps I do have a real addiction after all.