November 25th, 2002



It was as I was returning from a dental checkup that I heard Garrison Keillor's "The Writer's Almanac" on public radio. And heard that wonderful quotation of Gide's.

I knew I had to keep that quotation with me.

Unlike many others, I don't much care for Keillor's folksy "wisdom", his strange pauses. To me, he has set himself up as a midwestern sage, and it irritates me. I did read a story he wrote about a newspaper - in New Orleans - and loved it. I dislike his manner but sometimes like what he says. Sometimes. Whenever I hear his voice or the voices of the various singing groups he gets on his Saturday show I tend to shut off the radio. Yet I have listened to The Writer's Almanac, swallowing my dislike of his way of speaking, because I know there may be something there for me.