November 24th, 2002


slogging into Sunday

Stretch is on my lap, but keeps going for my fingers at the keyboard. He's not a perfect lap cat. Curious as he can be, though.

I am trying to wake up. Thoughts gnawed at me during the night: where is my camcorder (it's gone missing)? How will I copy tapes without it? I need to clean up this place, especially the main bathroom. I'm feeling sluggish, drugged (although I'm not drugged).

I made it through last night's performance with less pain, in part because I landed on a part of the risers that was at the end and that was adjacent to a door to another room. During times when soloists were singing alone I was able to slip down and through that door and sit in the next room. Three of us did this.

The church was full, or looked like it. It seemed like the audience liked the performance, by the looks on their faces and the way they clapped us out. The mission is a bizarre blend - making do in a very old building. The room we stayed in during intermission and before the concert is unheated except for a portable, unvented heater. There are major cracks in the centuries-old plaster, some of them marked with some kind of labels, it appeared. Parts of hallways have odds and ends in them - one some kind of central heating unit and a cat cage, dish, food (my two cohorts saw the actual cat while we were sitting it out - a "Russian blue"). There are friars at this mission, friendly, helpful, wearing the robes.

fruitful and fruitless journeys

This morning I headed out to buy apples and cider and to see if I could find some stuff at the outlet center. I got the apples and cider. Fruitful. Didn't find what I was looking for at the outlet center.

This afternoon I trekked out in hopes of going to the first of a series of concerts at the Clark Center - "Sundays in the Clark". I thought I could buy a ticket at the door. Well, I could. But the only ones left were $40 and $50. Not so fruitful, that. Shucks.

(no subject)

Was it Andre Gide who said, "It is better to be hated for who you really are than to be loved for who you aren't"? I'm thinking of making this one of my thoughts to live by.