November 23rd, 2002



I went to sleep late, slept rather soundly, yet woke early. So I got myself back to sleep a couple of times. During that time, Stretch was somehow replaced by Simba. I realized, as I reached out to pat the furry purring thing that I haven't heard Stretch purr. I am sure he's got it in him, though. He's very friendly. He even reaches out, so to speak, to the other cats. When I reach down to pet him, he rises on his hind legs to reach my hand. Very Siamese-like, which I'd expect, given his shape.

He jumps on things. He knocked over lots of things in the middle of the night. He does seem pretty comfortable here, though. Much more than I expected, for being imprisoned suddenly.


My weekly encounter with illusionary characters who pretend to be deep. Why do I watch this show? Because it's there. The other choice is...let's see...the Brady Bunch.

It's part of waking up on a Saturday morning. I am just about ready to get dressed, go to the farmers market, see if anyone has good beans for soup. Chipotle chiles would be a bonus. I checked my bank account and it's edgy. Gotta go really carefully, yet again. For several weeks I have worked less than normal and my bills have been higher than normal. It isn't a good combination.


My life is full of them. Is that true of most people?

I rage against McDonald's and its like, yet today I went in there and bought a "fruit and yogurt parfait". I even recommended it to someone else in there, who asked.

I know that the bottom line is what causes large companies to seek cheap labor and to exploit it. I know that these same companies use advertising to get us to buy what we do not need, that they engage in business practices that do not bear much scrutiny. That did not stop me from going into Best Buy today, buying an ink cartridge for my printer and some blank videotapes.

I like to make my own food, and am in the process of putting together simple, inexpensive food type gifts for Christmas. At the same time as I am scanning prices of beans (I think I paid $1.50 for the highest-priced bag) I can be contemplating stopping by Starbucks and laying out over three dollars for an espresso with some foamy milk added.

There is really no end to it.