November 22nd, 2002



So. Got the cat to the vet. He has stitches where they cleaned out his wound. He's a male, he's in good health. They are doing the tests for feline leukemia and feline AIDS. After the wound heals he can start getting his shots. So this means I get to try to keep him indoors for ten days, when he has never stayed inside. He has gone in for a few seconds, then freaked, wanted out.

But who will check on him over Thanksgiving? No answer there yet.

I bought the gas additive for my car, which has been hiccuping lately. It worked wonders last time but I'm not sure it will this time. I made an appointment for regular service.

My bone graft is healing nicely. We wait and see. The tissue is starting to creep over the bone the way it's supposed to. Promising.

Concert tonight, rehearsal at 6:30. I am worried about one particular section of the misa. I will try to work it myself before I leave for rehearsal, but don't expect wonders.

Mary started work at her new job this morning. I hope she got TIPS. Lots.

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The concert went well, I think. A few goofs but nothing horrendous. The audience seemed to like it.

It played hell with my legs and feet, though. My feet froze in place after I did my best to ignore the pain, so I practically limped down the aisle. I walked funny, at the very least. My legs hurt, particularly my right knee. Nothing is worse for these knees than standing. I am thinking I'll drug myself tomorrow, starting early so the stuff is in my system. Maybe it will help.