November 21st, 2002


some good stuff

A co-worker wants two tix to the concert Sat night. I am getting two for Mary and a friend, so I am picking up the two for Brian at the same time this afternoon. Cool.

I made an appointment for Stretch. Or Legs. Or whatever his name is. He won't tell me. I'll need to corral him tomorrow morning and get him into the carrier. He's going to freak, no doubt.

(no subject)

rehearsal - some good, some not so. We still haven't had all of the musicians together, haven't heard the main soloists. In one short rehearsal tomorrow night, before the concert, we are going to try to pull it together. I always have to give Tom so much credit for his calm and his positive attitude at these times. I suspect it's going to come together, it's going to be good. Certainly the Misa is SO fun, so driving and rhythmic, so exciting.