November 20th, 2002


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No headache today, just tired. Tomorrow my bank account should be seeing my paycheck, so I'll be paying bills, getting caught up some. I've had a lot of short weeks lately.

excerpt from customers_suck community

The following was posted in customers_suck today:

A customer asked what it took to be a member. I told him driver's license and credit card (which isn't completely true, you just cant rent as much without a c.c., but since I get lazy, and irritated by customers, I hardline for the credit card (Hell, that's what they would need at BB, right?)).

him: "Credit card?"
Me: "Or a check card."
him: "I just have the savings"
Me: "Sorry"
him: "That's communism!"
Me: -bittersweet smile to prevent laughter-
him: "I can buy stuff, right?"
Me: "Certainly, ... (proceed to tell him about deals we're running)"

So not only does this man hate communism (or whatever it is that he thinks is communism), he also embraces amerikan capitalism.

Just reminded me of the week when, everything I didn't like was "Fascist!"


I was going to respond with this:

Certainly a rental business has the right to determine who can rent and who can't. It is a pretty rough world, though, for people without credit cards. I chose not to have one for quite a while and at times it was really awful. I was unable to rent a car, for example, no matter what else I had to offer. I chose not to carry a card because I am simply no good with credit and I know it.

It makes me think, often, of how the ownership of a credit card changes the way we are treated by others. It isn't Communist or Fascist but it's sad. I don't much care for being lumped in with a disparate group of other people, whose only common link is the lack of a card.


But then I realized that a lot of people in that community get really irritated if I ever take the side of a customer. So I am posting my response here instead. It's awkward and annoying to me but I am not sure how else to comment in a way that fulfills my need and doesn't piss others off.