November 19th, 2002


Major headache

I woke with it this morning. I had hoped that I was past this stuff. I immediately got up and took a Vicodan, figuring it will be two hours before I am at work anyway so I should be okay driving. I think it's starting to kick in, after a hot shower, much hot water on my head and the back of my neck - for some reason this seems to soothe it temporarily. If it doesn't ease up more, though, I'll be tempted to drop another.

(no subject)

THe rehearsal last night was good. I worried that missing two rehearsals would throw me completely, but it didn't. There are patches in the music where I can do more work but I've got most of it all right. The misa criolla is very spirited and Latin, and ends softly and beautifully. I think I am beginning to love it.

I haven't done all I could to promote it, though. Haven't said anything to friends, having put posters in enough windows. I did get the info to New Times but I don't know that they are going to do more than put it in the calendar. One can hope.

heading for bed

My cable was cut off today. I didn't get the bill paid. I haven't been so out of funds in a very long time. I hope to creep back to normalcy over the next few weeks.

Mary and I, both in the same boat, decided to spend money we didn't have. Use our debit cards to take money out of our accounts that is already spoken for in checks that haven't cleared. We went to the dollar store, bought a few things, shared a sandwich at Schlotzsky's, had coffee at Uptown Espresso. Partners in crime. Nothing tastes so delicious as stolen goods.

Did I say that?? Yes.

Since she left for her home, I've been snuggling on the couch with Simba, reading Burston's book. Thinking, wondering, wanting more of the personal Laing, however supportive this book is.

I have given the stray cat a name - Stretch - which is one more step toward outright admitting he's my cat now. I will make an appointment for him at the vet's for Thursday or Friday, get him checked, chipped, fixed where needed. In the meantime I continue to feed him on the back porch and invite him inside for brief moments.

Someone stole one of my bird feeders. What the hell?