November 17th, 2002


sinking to new lows

Actually, not new lows. I'm watching Beverly Hills 90210, and not for the first time. Weekend mornings it sometimes keeps me company. I don't believe the stories, I can't find any sympathy for the rich brats, the acting is horrible, but for some reason I turn it on while I work at the computer.

little hike

I hoofed it up the hill behind Stoneridge this afternoon. Short trek, probably less than 40 minutes altogether, up and down. It was good, though. I loved the breeze at the top, and looking out at the city, the aloneness, the rocks. I thought about living elsewhere,how hard it is in a bigger city to find this kind of place to hike.

(no subject)

another lazy day. I did the quickie review thing with G this morning, didn't take much time. I retyped some forms for work, so they can go on the new planning web site - of course I modified them, too, to my taste. I did the little hike, and I got cat food and bird seed from the new Petco. Otherwise I have just been lounging. Reading a little, a bio of R. D. Laing, which is interesting, about which I will say more later. Oh yeah, I also stopped for a bit at Starbucks, used the card Elaine gave me. I only have $4.06 left on it. And now I am watching Alias. Next, the Practice.