November 4th, 2002


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The death-warmed-over feeling persists. No, reawakes, actually. I went to bed late again last night and did sleep well, but now I feel very tired. Maybe it's more the nagging burn-like pain in my mouth, the generation of phlegm that I have to cough out each morning. Yuck. I think some stuff from the roof of my mouth gets into my throat at night. Something like that.

Recheck at 8:20 this morning. It feels to me like the gum tissue is doing what it should. At least it isn't breaking open.

Chorale tonight. Mary's day off. Not so good timing, except that at least she doesn't need a babysitter. It would be nice if we could have more of this time together, though.


My bone graft area is healing well, according to Dr LaP. He said to keep the stint in case I change my mind and feel I need it, and I can use denture cream to stick it in there. In the meantime, of course, I'll stick to soft foods that can't hurt that area, can't poke it. My next check is Friday morning. We're on the downward slide now, at last, I feel.

blood flood

I was talking to Carolyn when out of the blue a bubble in my mouth burst - upper part of mouth, where the tissue was removed - and blood started pouring onto my tongue, down my throat. I grabbed some tissue and stuffed it in there while Carolyn checked to see if the bathroom was available. I got in there and it was a regular flood. The more I drained or rinsed, the more blood poured into the sink. I finally realized it wasn't going to slow down unless I applied pressure. So I wadded up paper toweling and stuffed it in there. Once I looked reasonably presentable - I had to clean the blood from my lips and chin - looked like a vampire just back from the kill - I hightailed it to the first aid kit in the break room and took the roll of gauze. I have now got a thick wad of gauze in there, stemming the flow. I may need to keep something in there all day today.

Lordy. I had no idea this could happen.