November 3rd, 2002


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I managed to make up for lost time this morning. For the first time in several weeks, I focused more on cleaning and enjoying it, even swept the driveway. I saved the bird feeders for when I had Joey with me, so we could fill them together.

I picked up Joey at Starbucks on Foothill because Mary didn't want to use any more gas than she had to. I wanted her to see how much cleaner the house was, and wanted her to see the Spiderman puzzle Joey & I put together yesterday. She bought Joey a coloring book that came with a paint set. Perfect. When we got to my place, Joey immediately started in on painting.

We later glued the spidey puzzle together, went to the park across the street, had waffles. And he conked out a little before seven. So he's sleeping on the couch now. If I had a mind to, I could be doing things now, productive things. But I do feel I've been reasonably productive today, surprising considering how late I got started.