November 2nd, 2002


Up at night

I slept a while, then woke up, got up. I tend to get up when I know I don't have to work the next morning, even though I often have other plans. I've been up quite a while now,snuggling with Simba, watching LifeTime movies, cleaning the plastic stint - first time for that. I think the problem is that it doesn't stick well enough, so it creates a vacuum, sucks food under and becomes loosened and I feel almost a choky feeling. Dr LaP said he'd look at attaching it better when I come in Monday morning.

This is, of course, not a big deal in the scheme of this operation. The stint is just to help me feel better while the wound heals, and if it were to come out altogether the gum would heal just as well. I would just hurt a lot more up there. So I don't feel particular pressure about keeping it stuck to my mouth, except to make it more comfortable.

I took a Vicodan tablet when I got up and it kicked in a little bit ago. I am liking the feeling. I think when I get back to bed I will be feeling very very drowsy.


When I think what I might be putting up with, instead of relatively short-term dental issues, I know I'm lucky. I could have a skin condition that makes me itch. I could have constant pain. I could be fighting cancer or AIDS. I could have some kind of unknown disease that attacks some embarrassing area. So far, so good...I have to get back to regular workouts. I think I can do that without damaging anything now.

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LifeTime movie. I am wondering, not for the first time, about the flirty kind of talk men and women have in these movies. I can't imagine having conversations like that. Is it me? I think it is.

Butterfly event

Joey was in the butterfly parade, which was a hodge-podge collection of all-age children,dressed like butterflies, and their parents and other well-wishers, walking along the boardwalk to the pier, covered by what looked like dozens of cameras, both still and video. There's a good chance the Joester will show up on television or in the newspaper.

There was free face painting, sales of books by local authors, and a little booth for taking pictures. And prizes. Joey won third prize in the "best overall" category, which we thought was quite a coup. I think his was the only costume with hand-colored butterfly wings, and we got a lot of compliments on it. If I get to the one-hour photo in a day or so I will of course post some pix here.

His prize was a bag of goodies - all related to butterflies. Erasers, stickers, stamps...lots of stuff, which he really enjoyed. We played with the little bucket and shovel set down on the beach after the butterfly event was over. I've always loved playing in the sand.

Now Mary is at work and Joey is painting at his little desk, with a set of watercolors I have. His first paintings, so he's enjoying it. And doing well with it.

I took out my stint this morning so I could eat breakfast with Joe, Mary, and Joey. I haven't put it back in since. It's a bit like having a burned roof of the mouth, maybe a little worse. Some tissue got loose from there and I finally had to get it out of my mouth. I suppose it was some kind of beginning healing tissue. I was able to rinse my mouth with salt water all right when I got home. I'm going to keep trying to go without this thing.