November 1st, 2002


enforced diet

I can't say I enjoy this method of losing weight. I will almost certainly pig out as soon as I have a fully-functioning mouth again.

I am able to have some drinks, doing okay with them, more or less, although there is still a sucking thing going on that is not pleasant. I tried eating some scrambled eggs last night and gave up. Couldn't make it work except by just swallowing, hardly tasting, and still getting some caught in the plastic thing. I also took a bite of a 3 Musketeers bar, just to see, and that was a mistake.

(no subject)

Gonna get the boy! Joe is flying in with Joey at 8:30 tonight, here in SLO. Mary will drive them to Morro Bay, Joe will stay the night. She will come by to pick me up tomorrow morning and we will go out to breakfast in Pismo, then on to the butterfly celebration. I'm making a costume for Joey now. Cool.