October 25th, 2002


(no subject)

This surgery was longer than the last, almost an hour. The doc stitched a special membrane in place. It will cover some of the bone for 6-8 weeks while the tissue grows over it and joins. The membrane will eventually disintegrate. I am back doing the ice on and off and I stopped at Vons for more soft foods. Soft, cold ones, and I do have the soup for later.

I have to keep my mouth as closed as I can. I don't think much, usually, about how hard it must be to have trouble talking. It wasn't fun today, at the market, asking for the prescription (not called in yet) and depositing a check at the bank and going through the checkout. I'll just stay home now. Have a slow weekend.

Mary's at work, and she works tomorrow too. We need to get together to get her through the online traffic course. Maybe Sunday.

(no subject)

I don't seem to be as swelled up this time. Also on the plus side, I now have three gel packs and a fair amount of Vicodan, good for future headaches, both for me and for Mary. We can hope we won't need them often.

It would be more fun to have all this time to myself if I felt up for doing much, but I don't feel as bad as I did the last two times, so it isn't really awful. I am thinking about Mary's traffic school, getting her to do it, thinking about pulling the phone cord and making it as inconspicuous as I can in her house, stuff like that. Nasty letters from the IRS. How I am going to cough up the bucks for the implants when the time comes.

And I've been missing little Joey. I've added a few things to his desk. Things to color, a large Spiderman puzzle, a plastic box for his crayons. Just need the boy.

Watching Buffy again. Have I become addicted? Isn't that strange? And I'm liking Spike.

breast cancer

LifeTime is doing another breast cancer campaign. This one says it takes three steps, all of which are types of breast self-exams. It says these steps "prevent breast cancer".

Exams don't prevent anything. They detect, if you're lucky. The way to prevent is harder and less glamorous: better diet, exercise, maintaining a proportional weight, breastfeeding your babies, limiting the intrusion of synthetic hormones in our bodies. I never hear any of this, common knowledge though it is, in these ads.

We have to take responsibility for ourselves, be more involved in our own health, and stop wearing those damned pink ribbons. What do they say, anyway? That we are against breast cancer? So who is for it?