October 17th, 2002



The extra stitches this morning were more a problem than I figured. More of the tissue had opened over the bone and it was hard to stretch it and close it. I went away with another ice pack and instructions to not talk much, ice on and ice off all day, salt water rinses, pain killers.

It is hardly the end of the world but I am still feeling sorry for myself. I just want to feel really well again. The bright side is that I worry less about my knee these days!

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I think I am being more attentive this time out, rinsing with salt water more often, using colder ice packs. I hope it makes a difference. I get to go back to the dentist Monday and then again Thursday. I do appreciate that this dentist is monitoring me closely. I am also feeling less pain right now, although Mary tells me I have swelled up again. Not as much as the first time, not by a long shot.

Mary brought Joey over this evening, after I had dinner with Karen. We ate and talked, I did most of the talking, even though I am not supposed to be talking much today. It was good seeing Karen. She gave me a book on psychopaths...she knows me that well, knows I'll read it, I'll be interested.

In general I haven't had the energy to respond to emails or do much else. I took home files so I could work on an environmental study but haven't even started that. Maybe tomorrow.