September 16th, 2002



I called Price Pfister just now about my kitchen faucet. I had to wait a few minutes, not long, to get a real person. I told him the faucet is leaking from the bottom. After looking through is specs for a little bit, he came back to the phone and said he is shipping out a complete repair kit. I should have it in a few days. The guy at the hardware store told me the truth! I didn't have to argue or anything. How amazing and wonderful. I guess I can put up with washing dishes in the small bathroom sink a few days longer. And not using the dishwasher.

doing stuff

I slumped around for a bit when I got home, read while lying on my bed with Simba, then got up and did Kathy Smith's upper body workout. I was feeling headachey going in but came out free of it, even though it's only 20 minutes long. From there I headed outside to chop at some plants that have gotten overgrown and not too attractive. I got partway through that, then filled the bird feeders, put the gardening stuff back inside the storage shed, and came inside. I feel better having done a thing or two and then eaten a peach and an apple and a veggie burger.

Rehearsal tonight. I want to work a little on a minor set of web pages for the chorale. Maybe get that done before I leave.

second rehearsal

So great, digging into the new music. The Misa Criolla is exciting, rhythmic, and fun to sing. I am so looking forward to it and to the audience response. The Te Deum is beautiful, newly discovered, will be such a pleasure. And the final piece - Dixit Dominus - is a little more complex, is going to develop, I can tell, is going to depend on a lot of nuances. It's nice to be in two choirs, as this adds dimension and voice quality differences.

I was a little more forward, outgoing, tonight. Talked to more people. I am feeling more a part of the group now. Perhaps my web page work has something to do with it. And my haircut! How funny.