September 13th, 2002


(no subject)

I shut off the water for the kitchen sink but was unable to figure out how to get into that fixture. I will have to go to the do-it center and ask questions, and very probably go back and forth, trying to get the right part or parts.

I then got outside and refilled all the bird feeders, including the hummingbird feeder. It is supposed to get changed every three days and it has been more than that, so the hummers may have gotten a little drunk from it. Now all are full and ready for today, and ready in case Mike drives up before I get home tonight, too. He called last night, said he might make it down here this weekend, maybe today. I hope he does. We can talk, we can go to dinner. He suggested we go to dinner at "some exotic San Luis place". I've been wracking my brain to think of anything exotic here, but to Mike a lot of it will be, probably.


I filled the little finch feeder with regular seed. I realized it a few minutes ago and replaced it with the right stuff. But I noticed not one but two blue birds eating from the large dish and hovering around the smaller feeders. I don't think they can get at the long thin feeders but they still seem to be intimidating. I hope they don't scare off the little birds. I don't want to push away the blue birds either (stellar's jays). They are aggressive but they are beautiful and they deserve as much as any other bird. Trying to find the balance, the way to provide for them all, is the trick here.


Seems I have had a few of these this week. Mostly they have not been debilitating, have gone away with some pain killers. I hope this one does too. Mike says he is coming down so I will see him tonight. I want to tidy up a little and fix the kitchen faucet if I can before he arrives. That's such a bitch, that happening right now. I'm heading for OSH for lunch.