September 6th, 2002


cleaning up at work

Having gotten the report off my desk and away from me, I felt I needed a break from intense industry here at work. I revised a form we use for notices of determination and sorted out some of the papers on my desk, was able to recycle a fair amount. I have a few things out that I need to work on.

Last night I worked more on my new web site: There isn't much there now but I am finding it reasonably easy to work with. That is, I am able to take old stuff from my other web site and insert it into my new template fairly easily. I noticed today that the images did not get transferred, although they showed up when I tested it last night at home. That's odd. I think it will be easy enough to fix, given the way that program works.

The weekend. I dunno. Art after Dark tonight, perhaps. That should take care of dinner. Some sprucing up of the planted areas around my home. Some sorting of stuff inside.

(no subject)

I walked downtown and back again tonight. I am absolutely not ready to do this. My legs ache like hell and I know sleep will not be easy. I think I may take a bath but that will be temporary and partial relief. What is likely, though, is that Sunday I should be a lot better, ready to go again.