September 4th, 2002



I've read seven books this last month, and parts of a few others. That doesn't seem like very many. Over a year, though, it adds up. I am going to keep better track now that I am using my book journal, and I'll see if I have any bigger months.

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I pulled the futon into the house. I am going to hunt through want ads to see if someone has a frame for sale, cheap, trifold. The futon stores in this town have all but disappeared and the one remaining just has heavy wooden frames, which I'd rather not have. I'd prefer metal.

I don't know what I am going to do with the stationary bicycle. It's Karen's. She moved to some place in Creekside, I know not where. I don't feel right giving it away. I'd prefer to give it back to her but it's awkward.

That reminds me. Missed opps. I am starting to see the opportunities around me where I might develop some kind of conversation. I think I might start noting them in here. A way to encourage myself to speak up or to say something different from what I do.

missed opps

Whenever I get a sandwich from Big Town Hero, the guy there calls me by name and asks if I have some "print" with me to read. He has said several times that he misses reading, envies me. I have told him that it's a matter of choice, taking books with you wherever you are. I believe he is a co-owner of the shop, so he's there all the time, and he's making up schedules when he isn't there (he said that). I suppose I could talk more with him. But he's just gregarious, it seems, stops to chat with all kinds of people.

Today at Starbucks I saw Penny. She said hi, said she wouldn't discuss anything to do with Pismo with me, would let me enjoy my book. I said hi, indicated I did not want to talk about Pismo, went back to my book. It's possible I could have done more with that conversation.

I did talk briefly to Lynn outside when I came in the driveway. But each time I go out there I don't talk to her, not usually, unless I see something to comment on, like her dog Jack or my cat. It's possible we have more in common than I realize. It has occurred to me to ask her to coffee some time. I wonder how she'd take that. It would likely seem silly, because we're both home, we have coffee pots. So I guess it's fine just to keep talking the bits we do. More than we did before.