August 30th, 2002


(no subject)

Not getting going too quickly today. But I'm dressed, I've had a decent breakfast, using a pretty coffee cup that was my mother's, that I unearthed from the storage shed yesterday.

I spent quite a while talking with my neighbor, whose name is Lynn. We now know each other's names and we also know the ugly truth about parts of our family and ourselves. Funny. We spent quite a bit of time talking about alcoholism. We are both also self-described hermits. No wonder we haven't formally introduced ourselves in all these years.

three-day weekend ahead

And what will I do with it? I have no plans. I may go hiking somewhere nearby or father. Maybe Big Sur. Or Santa Barbara. I'll get out my hiking books and find some small hike that shouldn't give me grief.

What else? I'll be working on that storage shed, and I hope to get it all cleared and redone, easier to use and without stuff I don't need. I actually took some stuff out of the back bedroom yesterday and put it in there. That felt great.

If I'm inspired, I'll try again to write a short story for the Nightwriters' contest, which ends this Saturday. Just to do it, just to do it.