August 12th, 2002



Two people have said my hair looks really good today. And it does. I didn't do anything unusual to it, just brushed it. Didn't even wash it.

It looks neat. It looks controlled, almost every hair in place. This is a little disconcerting to me. I like my hair to be on the wild side. I can accept controlled wildness, but I like the sense of wildness somehow.

On the other hand, this neat do comes so naturally. It has a nice flow, it took no work. I am someone else today, and that's not all bad.

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I rented Hillary and Jackie, a story of the du Pre sisters, last Friday night, and tonight I am finally watching it. For some reason I was reluctant to start it. Because I remember Jacqueline du pre from my youth, I know what happened to her, so somehow I didn't want to see it, yet I did. I didn't know anything about her sister, though. This is really very revealing.