July 29th, 2002


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I woke with strange cramps in my leg last night. Both in my thigh and in my calf. I got up, was able to walk, but that didn't relieve the cramps. After tossing around and rearranging myself a million times I fell asleep again, must have calmed the cramps by then but I don't remember now. I wonder if they came from Saturday. Getting up, handing water to runners, again and again, for about an hour. It wasn't much but for my leg it was, I think. Then limping around downtown yesterday. I guess it could have added up.

I thought about this journal and how it might be studied years from now. Researchers digging through it to find out just when the breakdown happened. How it came about, what led up to it, what ways I tried to cope.

feeling a little under

I feel a bit achey, my neck is a little sore, I feel tired. I don't know if I am coming down with something or just reacting to a general lack of sleep. It seems like I had enough sleep last night in spite of interruptions.

Kathy again

Lower body tonight. Almost entirely knee damage, unfortunately. Toward the end, when we were doing the hamstring lifts, I felt the cramps coming into my right thigh, just like the one last night. Sigh.

I keep hoping I'll find a formula for doing this, a step-by-step approach that helps me keep strong, get stronger, and not damage myself any further. But I think any such program can only be designed by me, by trial and error.

time to look at diet

I just came across an article on diet and arthritis in my latest Veg Times mag. It says there is probably more disagreement on the effects of diet on arthritis than there is on diet and any other condition. The believers, many of whom are doctors, even disagree with each other on which foods are good and which are not. Some types do tend to come up again and again in my reading, though. The nightshade family, including tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers, and eggplant...!! ...appear to cause or worsen inflammation. I LOVE these vegetables. Dairy products appear to have bad effects, as do high protein diets in general. I think I should try eliminating one class of foods, make some changes for several weeks, see what happens, see if I notice anything. That is, after I finish off the eggplant and tomatoes I have in the fridge. I think I have a bell pepper in there, too. Dang. Seems to be a lot of agreement on the omega-3s and the omega-6s, so I'll up the intake of olive oil and walnuts and so on. hmmm. Good thing I like trying new recipes.
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the nut case

Simba just stood up at the door and scratched toward the knob. Maybe if the knob were a little lower he would actually have turned it. Fortunately, there's a deadbolt. That kitty is going NOWHERE unless I say so. He's not too smart about outside.