July 21st, 2002


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I can't believe this. This "$40 a day" show on the food network features The Palms Sunrise Cafe - where Mary worked! And Sam's Town, where we stayed a few years ago. Mary wasn't so impressed with the prices at the cafe and has some words to say about management - and so do I, from my experience. But that wasn't apparent here. No hour-long waits, for example. But she was there in the wee hours, this host.


I've been sluggish and headachey today. I am drinking water, lots, and I went back to lie down for a while with Simba. Just now I finally changed the sheets on the bed, making Simba into it as usual. He is still under there and Bullet is attacking the moving lump.

I'm going to do a Cathy Smith timesaver workout today, with weights. Upper body. Avoiding the lower.

I feel better now

The headachey feeling hung around quite a while. I slept on the couch a while, with Simba on top of me, and got up and worked on some web page stuff. I was wearing workout clothes. I had decided I wouldn't take a shower until I did the exercise video, yet I kept putting off the workout. Finally I did it. Just 20 minutes, Kathy Smith's timesaver. And finally I hit the shower and I feel better, way better.

I worried, after so many days of no exercise, that I would slip out of the habit never to return. It felt so good, though. I don't think that will happen.