July 20th, 2002


After midnight

Restless again. My leg feels okay while I sit here in this chair but it was uncomfortable in bed. It does seem to be getting better at night, in general.

I am having feelings I have not had in a while. I suspect the lack of exercise is making its mark. I had hoped that, being aware of this effect, I could head it off. Later today I'm going to do a weightlifting workout, one that doesn't use my knees. At least that should help me psychologically.

movie bathtubs

Whenever there is a scene with a woman in a bathtub the tub is invariably the old-style deep footed type, and the woman almost always is covered in bubbles. How many of us have these tubs now? There was one in the back bathroom when I was growing up. I liked it. We washed the dog in there.


I felt very sleepy so lay down on the bed for a while, just got up. I actually fell asleep. If I had been under the covers I might still be asleep. I kept feeling the cold on my arms.

it gets worse

I got a bill from the general hospital clinic today, for my brief visit there, the one when the guy said my knee problem was an arthritic flareup.

I used to go to a local clinic, a private for-profit clinic, because they had all of my records and I knew the docs and physicians' assistants and nurse practitioners. They often told me to go to general because I didn't have insurance. They said it is more expensive to go to their clinic. So that was what Id id - also because the local clinic had gone bankrupt. The local clinic had normally charged me about $45 per brief visit, with a 10% discount if I paid that day.

The bill from general is $185, and doesn't mention the $40 I paid on account when I was there (because the clerks did not know how much it would be). It was also described as an "emergency visit". Yet I was there during normal clinic hours so I don't understand this. I think I need to go to the clinic and find out what's up.