July 19th, 2002


family family

I am headed back home today. The gathering before the meeting was fun, nteresting, and the meeting was good. I am impressed with the partnership's ethics and sense of responsibility. Worried about Mike. It was fun to see Cathy and Bitty and to joke around with them. We are looking at getting together some time next summer. I suggested LV, because I can get there and planes go there all the time. I am using Bitty's Vaio computer and finding the keypad somewhat troublesome. IT takes quite a heavy touch to get the response. I wonder if this is adjustable. Of course one does get used to things like this.

Much to write about but I don't feel like it right now. AFter I leave here I want to stop at the Gilroy outlets, maybe get some small thing, and then a the John Steinbeck center. Make a real visit of it.

We have some family. I can't begin to describe it. But think the memories that came back this time could be useful for me, could get me writing again.

Bitty has two copes of Full Catastrophe Living, which Jill recommended, and she said I could take one, so I am. I also found fourof my books,that I had loaned to Bitty several years ago, on her shelves I slipped them in my suitcase. Her memory is one thing we have been joking about most.

oh yeah

I got email from yahoo matches. One a new guy, lives in Illinois, says he loves my looks. THat's different! ANd another from a guy in Cayucos, actually rspoding to match.com ad. Maybe we'll meet this weekend. I have not heard from others who seemed promising so I want to keep going, meeting other men.

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Well, I'm just frustrated now. That last entry was so boring. And I don't feel like writing any more. I am in a state that could lead to worse. I'll probably be fine, get ahead before I get behind.