July 17th, 2002



I dreamed I was taking Mary and a cat to the vet because the cat was sick, but Mary was sick also. She was much younger then but of course time was confused. I was carrying her from car to car or to Elaine's place, something like that. Finally I became very worried about Mary and said I was taking her straight to the emergency room. Elaine gave me some kind of insurance card and said it would work there. I remembered the card because she had gotten it for me to use for some specific purpose (which I don't remember now of course).

The feeling of fear of losing Mary is still with me. Not a good dream.
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feeling a bit better

I always feel better when I have accomplished something. I had been bothered by a project at work for the last several days but was frustrated because I did not have the document in electronic format, so could not edit it easily. I wrote to ask several times but got no replies. Today I called and got the right thing and was able to edit it easily and to send it back to the applicants. That makes me feel good.

I still feel sleepy, though, now. I have Jill later. So much happens between visits that I talk like a crazy person, but I can't afford to go there more often. I think it's okay.


Twenty minutes or so and I am on my way. I should stop at the orthopedist office to see about the X-rays for next week's appointment.

Mary started work as a cocktail waitress last night, at the Excalibur. She had the one a.m. to nine a.m. shift. A slow shift but that's good when you are just starting out. She said she likes her manager, so far, and the costumes are simple and okay. She bought cheap shoes because she's not sure what's required there. I suggested at least getting some arch supports in them.

I finished minutes that are needed for the PC packet. Another good thing, important thing. I feel much better now than I did in the middle of the night last night.

I asked Vicki if she does indeed have access to a mac with video editing software and if I could use it - by email. So we'll see about that.

I have gotten no email today since early morning. Odd, 'cause I usually get some junk and always get the flylady reminders. So I wonder if there's something up at slonet.

I should check the county of SB, see if they can use a contract planner, see what they will pay.