July 16th, 2002



I woke in the wee hours with a headache and too many worries. I took Excedrin migraine, noting the warning on the naproxen not to take something like this without advice from a doc. But just this once. I think the headache is easing. Given my lack of exercise and my worries about money, it could be a lot worse. Assuming the headache comes from tension, that is.

I am making coffee with my french press. That's a nice ritual.

Erskine, I hardly knew thee

So Caldwell took Margaret Bourke-White as a lover while married to Helen. And then later divorced Helen, married "kit". This sounds somewhat familiar.

I think self-centered ness is the biggest personal problem in our society today. It seems that most of the problems people have come from either their being selfish or their being affected by someone else who is selfish. Thoughtless, lacking in empathy or sympathy, incapable of thinking of others.

Would it be better if we were all selfish? I can see on an intellectual level how it might be. But I wonder if we would really survive, caring only for ourselves.

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But anyway, I don't have a headache. It left somewhere mid-morning or before. I do feel sleepy again, am ready for a nap. I'll take one when I get home. Then I'll do fifteen minutes here and there in the house, cleaning, organizing, tossing, give myself some sense of accomplishment.


I caught it a little late but I am enjoying the new Donahue show. Of course I am in the minority of Americans in that I feel, like Phil, that there have not been enough challenges to the media's presentation of terrorism. They are discussing the Patriotism Act, and having quite a heated discussion. I admire Phil in his ability to take frontal attacks and hang in there. And he does try to get the discussion to be civil. Not easy and not always possible.