July 4th, 2002


bitch bitch bitch

I really hoped for a noticeable difference in my knee by today. But I'm not getting it. I think driving will be fine. I haven't experienced anything really bad that way yet. But I should probably stop more often. I just have my clothes and a few odds and ends to load into the car, and I need to get dressed.

There were times I had to take most of a day just to get packed and to clean up the house before I left. The house is far from clean now but the usual layers of dirty clothes, stray books, magazines, and dirty dishes are not there. I told Bev yesterday that, "As bad as this is, it used to be worse". She didn't say anything about it, which was kind of her.

slow moving

It's good I don't have a whole lot to do. I changed the sheets on the bed, took a shower, grabbed my razor and other stuff that isn't in my travel bag, and I am getting my shoes on. I cleaned out the used litter (emptied the container in my electric litter box), dumped my bathroom wastebasket into the kitchen basket, and I will take that all out to the trash before I leave. The Simba is such a pee-maker that he defeats the automatic box. I still have to get in there to clean it, get it going again. For five days I think it will be all right, although it will get a bit stinky.

So I am getting closer to ready. Time to start loading.