July 2nd, 2002


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I would love a full night's sleep. I woke a lot last night. I feel I got quite a bit of sleep but it was hard-won and now I need to get going. I woke up late, for me. I have taken more naproxen sodium and I remember Deborah saying you have to keep the stuff in your system for a while for it to be most effective.

drug mysteries

Yesterday I paid about $35 for 60 tablets of Naproxen Sodium, 500 mg each. I wondered this morning how this dosage compares to the over-the-counter version. Here's the scoop:

My bottle of generic tablets contains 100 tablets of 220 mg Naproxen sodium. It cost about $7.

So what I see is:

60 X 500 = 30,000 mg/$35 or 857 mg/dollar.

100X220 = 22,000/$7 or 3143 mg/dollar.

Obviously the OTC med is a bigger bargain in terms of total amount of med. But there are other factors. One is that the prescription pills are much larger than the OTC pills, and the bottle correspondingly about three or four times as large. What else is in these pills? What is the difference? I don't know. I wish I had thought to ask at the pharmacy yesterday. If I think of it I will go in and ask today.

There is an answer

I stopped at the pharmacy to speak to the pharmacist after work today. The product I got through a prescription is simply Naproxen. The compound available over the counter is Napoxen Sodium. The sodium compound is more effective for headaches and menstrual pain, not very effective for inflammation. The straight naproxen is effective for inflammation.

The pharmacist did not know why the pill sizes differ so much. He said the actual amount of medicine is very small, that it would not take much room at all. He suspects that the prescription drug is a large pill for psychological reasons. People might believe it is more effective if it is actually larger.

I thanked him for his help. This was exactly what I wanted to know. I am glad I got the prescription.


Hips, buns, and thighs. It's a 30-minute workout on the floor. I had to adjust for my knee but I seem to have made it through all right, in spite of some agonizing moments. It did feel good to get those abs working, to feel my body working.