July 1st, 2002


teeth saga: part deux

I saw the endodontist today for a consultation. He's a really nice guy, personable, straight, easy to talk to. Nice looking, too, as a bonus. He can do my root canals any time...

But now I have another question to be answered. When I said I had been thinking of getting implants instead of a bridge he said that the tooth he would be doing the root canal on only has value as a bridge holder. There is no opposing tooth up above. If I am not going for a bridge then it might as well come out. So now I have to go see Mark again, go over the options, come to a conclusion. On the plus side, if I have the tooth removed that could be done (I suppose) at the same time that the implants get started, and the cost would be lower than a root canal, cap, and then implants.

I want to go to the clinic later today about my knee. I should go straight from work. Hope for some help but expect little.

pulled together with tape and string

That's how I was feeling this morning while I waited in the dentist chair, trying to adjust my leg so it wouldn't hurt, waiting for a look at half a tooth next to a two-tooth gap, reading through my transitions lenses. More and more of me is not me but some kind of plastic or metal or whatever or is helped by metal or plastic. I will admit that I would welcome new metal and plastic knees right now. I tried a knee brace yesterday, one I had in a drawer, a padded velcro thing, and it didn't help at all. If it had, I would have worn it and damn the comments.
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personal ads

I have answered four ads since I started my membership in yahoo, and none of the four has written back. It will be just my luck that if they all do decide to respond they will do so all at once. So I think I should hold off writing to any others for a few days.

The Department of Nice Experiences

I went to the general hospital clinic this afternoon. I waited about 40 minutes to get into a room. That wasn't bad, and the waiting room was clean, had a television, some magazines, not bad, not many people in it, no screamers. There were a few people coughing loudly, which wasn't pleasant, but they weren't near me.

The doctor showed about fifteen minutes after I had gone in and talked to the nurse. He felt around, tried adjusting the leg (it seemed; he pulled and pushed fairly intensely), poked and prodded, and said it seemed a fairly classic case of arthritis flaring up. He said not to exercise, to baby it for at least a month. "Think October," he said. He gave me a prescription for a high-dose Naproxen Sodium (aleve) and a referral to an orthopedist he said is super.He said to put hot compresses on the knee as often as I can. He said don't worry that I will lose some fitness, that I'll get it back, but I can't push it. He was very nice.

The pharmacist at Vons was also nice. I noticed how friendly he was with the woman ahead of me and then he was just as friendly to me. It seemed like he was just a people person, really liked the interactions, helping people.

As I got to my car I realized I had not paid the clinic, so I drove back there. They were unable to tell me what I owed (it was just after five and I think the shifts had changed and now it was the emergency room, not the clinic) and I could pay whatever I was comfortable with and they would bill for the rest. So I did that. One of the women there said she was really interested in what I did for a living, she had never met a planner before, and was impressed. How funny! But I suppose that would be true at a clinic that accepts people who have nowhere else to go. These folks were nice, too.

So I had medical experiences starting this morning and all the way through that were all positive. I won't say I am healthier and everything is solved but I am another step along the way. I feel better knowing I have some kind of plan for the knee, knowing it should get back to some kind of normal in time.

I am still dealing with the "no exercise" thing. Exercise is my drug for depression. This is going to take some work.


I did Kathy Smith's timesaver upper body workout. Just 20 minutes but quite efficient and there is minimal knee involvement. I can't do it every day, not the same muscle groups, but it's something. Maybe I can modify some of these videos and just live with what I can do.