June 29th, 2002


the housekeeping zone

I flipped the mattress today, before changing the sheets. As usual, Simba loved getting made into the bed. Not once, but twice. He is still contentedly lying under the comforter, on top of the blanket.

This kind of housekeeping is so much for me. No visitor would be likely to tell whether I had flipped the mattress or not, or even changed the sheets (except a more intimate visitor and that's another whole thing). It makes me feel good to do it, to take off the pillows and put them in the wash (haven't done that for a while), put it all together, smoothing the edges. It seems to get easier now that I do it more often.

Other plans for today's housekeeping forays: move into the cupboard where I have clothes and sports stuff and who-knows what else stacked to dangerous levels. Clear off the sink in my room. Spend five minutes clearing clutter in the back bedroom.

O happy day

I got my toaster packed and into the car, and on my way out of the park I picked up the mail. I got my credit card from Paypal! First one in years, and just in time for the massive teeth episodes. It gives me some breathing room. I will try to work a payment plan with the various dentists but will have the credit card for down payments or whatever I've got to pay right away. It's a relief. The card is from Providian, no annual fee, but obviously this is a company that preys on the non-credit worthy so they were looking to extract more from me. The woman activating my card tried to sell me credit card insurance at seven plus bucks per month and it was hard to get her to shut up. I told her three times I was not interested and she finally got the message. She did not hear well, did not speak well, did not spell well. I wonder why someone like that is hired for phone work. Because she'll take the low pay, I expect.

My leg feels like it's getting better. I am still limping but I feel improvement working its way in. It isn't as stiff. I am hopeful.

It's a beautiful day. The wind is blowing, the sun is warm but not too warm. I think I'll do some basic yard work and call that my exercise on this leg-challenged day.
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Postal Service

I sent the toaster by the U.S.P.S., which is open on Saturdays. UPS is not. And it was cheaper than UPS. I still think thirty-seven cents to get a letter across the country or even across town is a damned good deal. Rarely has my mail been lost and rarely have I gotten others' mail. Sure, once in a while, but I'd say the percentage is very low. Our postal service is a lot more reliable than that of many other countries and less susceptible to theft. While I was in Italy years ago a postman was arrested for having stored all the mail he was supposed to be delivering in some basement. Piles and piles of mail from many months or years. Not uncommon. People told me that you never knew if anything you sent would get to its recipient, that mail was notoriously slow and workers crooked.

So I really don't have any complaints about our service and I say up the price. It's still a hell of a lot cheaper than a lot of other things we are forced to pay for.

It's rare for me to say Go America!, frankly. This is one of those times. I hope in time I'll be able to say YES to Amtrak as well. But I think a lot more vision is needed in that department and a lot of subsidies. It's the most fuel-efficient way to travel and we should put our collective money there to make it work and work all over the country.

yard work

One of these days I am going to break down and get a new lawn mower. I think a push kind. My back yard isn't very large and a decent push mower would be nice. Cutting it with an electric weed whacker is just not it. The cord is always pulling free and I am always having to take out the roll of cutting twine and get it started again because it doesn't always feed right. Also, of course, it doesn't cut evenly like a mower would. NOt that that matters right now, with nothing but weeds back there and a few sprigs of old grass.

I also raked and swept the driveway and watered what I could reach with the hose. It felt good out there and my leg did not fail me. It is definitely getting better.

one more step

I signed up for three months with yahoo personals. And sent a reply to a personal ad from a guy in Las Vegas. I figure I may as well see if there's someone I can meet while I am there next week. I may do another look around LV in yahoo and send a reply to one or two others later.

I can't say I really like this business. It's unlikely I'll find a great fit right off the bat. So this means being rejected and rejecting others and I don't enjoy either of those.