June 26th, 2002


sleep invasion

I took to my bed again this afternoon. I woke with a start, wondering if it were morning, realizing I hadn't missed the evening. I still feel sleepy, though.

I have a horror of becoming someone who has to nap every afternoon.

habit forming

I find it difficult to establish new habits. Not because I am resistant to change. I am, if anything, too willing to change. But I do resist somehow inside me. Usually the habits I am trying to form have some kind of benefit and involve something like work. Maybe I just resist work.

My current efforts are to form housekeeping habits. I have a couple little ones down now and keep slipping back and forth on some others. I feel like I need to work this very slowly, even though that means my house isn't going to be as nice as I want it to be as soon as I'd like it to be.

I wonder if some other people find it easier to do this than I do. And what the difference is.

(no subject)

Finally I answered a New Times ad. I listened to two others before answering this one. I am looking for someone who leaves a message that is not just a repeat of what the ad says. This guy says he loves gypsies, new age thinking...sounded maybe a little too much but better than someone who says he's five feet nine and has most of his hair. His name is Tom. We'll see.