June 20th, 2002



A bit of tooth pain. Not bad. I took some pain killers. I should be more careful, try to avoid doing anything on that side of the mouth.

lazy, sleepy

I slept a while this afternoon. I fell deep asleep. It seems like I don't sleep that well at night but I probably do, at least part of the time. These afternoon naps, though, seem so efficient. I am under and asleep and wake up within an hour.

I have been playing solitaire. I am now going to do a weight-lifting video. Dance later.

(no subject)

My right arm was hurting for some reason when I started the workout, and it got worse. I am trying to think why. It hurts like hell now. That's the arm that I most have to keep "toned" in dance, too.

Sometimes I do feel like I'm getting old.

gotta go

I need to put on my shoes and get out. I want to pick up some fluoride stuff from the pharmacy for my teeth. I might as well get used to using that stuff.

My arm still hurts.


I think ballroom dance classes like the one I attend is one of the things that is right with America, maybe right with the world. I suppose such classes take place all over the world. There is something so un-self-serving, so potentially intimate, so connecting. I keep trying to describe it and so far I haven't done it.