June 14th, 2002



My lips felt dry when I got up this morning, so I licked them and wiped them off with a piece of toilet paper. There was blood on it. I later saw blood on my pillow. Yesterday Mark used vaseline on my lips but I think he thought of it later than usual, because he was initially going in to find out what was wrong; it wasn't a procedure that was mapped out beforehand. I hadn't even realized how my lips were cracking.

The pain is gone. Wonderful.

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The blood wasn't from my lips, but from a bloody pulp inside the hole in my tooth. This is so fun. I can't describe how much fun.

I changed the sheets today instead of the usual Sunday. Nice to come home to unbloodied, clean sheets. Every time I change them I make Simba into the bed. At least once. Today, twice. The first time he got between the upper and lower sheets and stayed there purring until the pillows were thrown on top. Then he came out, got under the comforter as I tried to spread that on evenly. When I was done he came out.

To do: run vacuum over kitchen rug & living room carpet. Take out trash. Put away odds and ends in kitchen. Finish packing. Pack car. Get dressed.

just about ready

Another pot of coffee is brewing. The suitcase is about packed, the rugs vacuumed, the bird feeders refilled, the cat feeder filled, and the Simba is sleeping on my bed. I keep thinking he'll be lonely. Cats are used to being alone. But still.