June 13th, 2002



Bullet has some kind of lump on his back. I can't tell if it is just some kind of cluster of fur and something else or an infection or worse. I have not felt it before tonight. I am wondering if I have been petting him all the way down his back lately, if I could have missed it. I don't think so, but I don't see as much, or feel as much, of Bullet as I do of Simba.

I'm worried about it. I am going to call and try to get him in to the vet tomorrow, as soon as I can.

and my teeth ache

An area of my mouth that has bothered me intermittently over the last several months has risen to the level of needing attention. I don't know if I can go through the weekend if it is going to be like this. I slept very little last night because of the pain, got up at about three to brush my teeth, hoping that would help, but it didn't.

These sorts of things seem to come up just before I go on a trip. I am glad I have today, anyway, to sort some of it out. I'll bring Bullet in to the vet if I can arrange it, leave him probably. Worry about him.

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I was able to get a better look at Bullet this morning. There is an open sore there and the swelling has gone down. So it's probably something he chewed himself. That is, he was irritated by something, possibly fleas, and chewed at that area. I keep forgetting to put the Advantage on him. I did that last night. I am bringing him in now.

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The kitty is in the shop and I have an appointment for my teeth at one today. Pain!! If there are any earlier openings the dentist office will call my cell phone. Fortunately. I am going to go take some pain relief meds.

the kitty

Bullet has a puncture wound. The vet cleaned it out, found quite a pocket - apparently it had broken on its own, which is what he said is best. He's putting the boy on antibiotics for a week, wants to see him next week for a recheck. But so far everything looks good, no sign of any abnormality.

Because of the antibiotics I asked if I could board him for this weekend. Elsa will be checking in on Simba Saturday but can't manage Sunday, so she can't do antibiotics (nor would I ever want to ask her or anyone else, really). Extra expense to board him but he'll be safe and I won't be worrying. Simba will be lonely, I think! He's such a people cat. I am trying to think of someone else who may be able to look in on him too.

A not-so-happy camper

I have learned the value of taking things one step at a time. And a good thing, too, for today that skill was tested.

I brought Bullet into the vet, thinking we'll find out what it is before we worry about it. It turns out there isn't much to worry about there, except paying the bill after he spends five days there (mostly boarding fees, fortunately).

My tooth. The dentist, Mark, is very good about explaining and being as careful as he can be. I spent almost two hours in that chair, being worked on, in addition to the waiting time of over a half-hour. It turns out to be just about the worst situation I could have asked for. The molar that supported one side of a long bridge (bridged the length of two teeth) had become decayed and the decay had reached the nerves. Mark first tried to remove the bridge, and when that failed he had to cut it in two and lift off the part where the molar rested. Then he drilled down to remove the decay and insert bleach to kill any remaining bacteria.

What remains is to determine if that tooth is salvageable from a periodontal point of view. I go to my periodontal dentist next Wednesday for that assessment. Then, if it is salvageable, I go to the specialist who does a root canal. From there, rebuild the bridge. A long and expensive project.

If the tooth is not salvageable, I don't know what options there are but can make some guesses. Some kind of false teeth? An implant (very expensive) and then a bridge? Something along those lines.

But it does no good to dwell on what-ifs. I am just taking it this step and then the next. I did that in the chair, too, as they took impressions, drilled, hammered, sucked, sawed. It was a great opportunity to go into a kind of panic mode so I was taking nice deep breaths as necessary, and it wasn't all that necessary, I just had to keep breathing period.

What I know is that Mark will not leave me in an unacceptable position. I will somehow have something like teeth and they will work well. It may cost a lot but I am sure he will work with me on paying that off, too. So things can always be so much worse. I'll be fine. I am glad this didn't happen tomorrow. Small grace, works for me.
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and furthermore...

I told Mark I would be going to Palm Springs this weekend. He gave me a prescription for antibiotics in case something goes wrong and told me to use three advils and one extra-strength Tylenol for any pain. He knows a good dentist in PS if any emergency comes up, so he also gave me his home phone number. I don't think I could ask for more than that.

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Lots of people on the dance floor tonight. My first partner was a new know-it-all who made a point of being condescending. Although I don't pretend to be a good dancer I still resent this kind of treatment, so when it was convenient I wandered off. I ultimately danced with about five other men through the night, which may be some kind of record for me. I danced with the last one by just going up to him and asking. I am getting pretty assertive in this area. He was new to dance, this his first night, and he looked pretty dejected. We had a nice time just doing the basic step and turns.

Swing is perfectly fun just with very simple variations. I danced with one of the better dancers there and was able to follow rather well, and similarly with another guy who is less sure of himself. While I was dancing with the new guy I remembered the upcoming Friday evening music in the plaza and mentioned it. He remembered too and we both plan on going. I think it starts the Friday after tomorrow. People dance there all the time and there are so many people I think I might feel fine if someone asks me to dance.

Someone I knew from years ago was there. Her name is Brooks and she's always been very pretty, still is, has a very nice figure. She complimented me on how good I look. She has some experience dancing, I could tell, but her husband does not seem as confident. That seems pretty typical. I wonder why. Do women have more body memory naturally? Something like that?

My tooth aches. Nothing like last night, but I took painkillers as recommended. I figure that should help me get through the night.