June 1st, 2002


up and at 'em

Not really. I am up. I am feeling my way into my slightly-changed computer desk location. I removed a piano bench I had been using for a table between the desk and my shelves, and pushed the desk closer to the shelves. It gives me a nicer view of the rest of the living room and it looks nicer too. So many layers. Others don't notice the ones I have gotten rid of. Eventually I will take enough of them down so it is noticeable.

garden variety Saturday morning

I went to the farmers' market. Good pickings today. I got peaches, apricots, strawberries, raspberries, fresh basil, little summer squashes, organic fresh eggs, tomatoes. I had thought of biking over there but knew that if there were lots of good things the load would be heavy and I didn't want to haul that around. Good thing, 'cause my bags were very heavy.

Then I checked in on the nearby Starbucks, had a large latte, read some of A Room of One's Own, which I had gotten well into and then distracted from by some other book a while back. From there to Mervyn's. I am thinking about buying something new to wear next Friday for the play and hoped for ideas. Didn't get any. Instead, I bought a small table grill, which was on sale. I was thinking, all those wonderful veggies, plus some peppers I already have, maybe I could get some eggplant, and it would all grill so beautifully.

Back home, listening to Rachmaninoff's first piano concerto, thinking about love. It's hard to listen to Rach without thinking of love.

Simba has made his way into my lap here, is purring, washing himself, grabbing a hand when he can and licking it.
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hike ahead

I can't find my Sierra Club trail book. I had it last Wednesday, have checked my car, my bookshelves, my kitchen table, but can't find it. So I found a hike in the Day Hikes book. An easy one near Morro Bay. So I'll do it.

Good one

It was an excellent exercise hike. The trail starts with a rise that got my heart working, then leveled for a while, allowing me to walk as fast as I wanted. The trail is well-marked, also well-used. At the beginning I passed lots of others heading the other way and was passed by a few heading my way, including several trail bicyclists. It seems like an ideal trail for cyclists, especially the saner variety and those just starting out. In fact, all of the cyclists who passed me were friendly and courteous.

I was a little put off by the number of persons on the trail initially. I wanted to have it to myself. Somehow I see things better, think better, function better, when I am not continually encountering others, even those who do not speak to me. Eventually, though, there were no others on my part of the trail. This probably because there are several trails that intertwine there, and the other folks likely chose different routes than I.

It took me just under an hour to complete the 2.5-mile trek, and I felt energetic and strong after. The weather was perfect for hiking. A cool breeze, never too warm, not too cold. Not perfect for photography, but I took some photos anyway in case I want to show people what it's like.

After hiking, I went through Morro Bay and then back to SLO on highway 1, stopped at New Frontiers for organic milk & yogurt and a latte (they don't do coffee drinks well, unfortunately), then home.

I am looking into a play for tonight.


I've got confirmed reservations for Raindrop Waltz next Friday for Dorothy and me. And I do get in free because I'm reviewing the play. I also called in and left my name and telephone number on the reservation line for Centerpointe's play tonight. With any luck, it won't be sold out. I'll show at 7:30 or before if I don't get a call before then, saying there isn't any room.

Somehow it seems much more special to be going to plays than to movies. Well, shoot, it is more special.

Search & Destroy

Terrific play. I gather it's been made into a movie, but that's neither here nor there. It's wonderful to see the play live, and especially with such actors as these. The immediacy of it, the closeness - there is partial nudity, right there almost within touching distance, and there are gunshots. These things are vivid.