May 29th, 2002


ten minutes

to freedom? before I go home. Much to think about, to do. Soup to eat. Hike? Maybe. If the wind would let up a little I'd take my bike out.

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All those plans and all I have done is lounge around, watch Murder, She Wrote, and sleep. It is warm in here, even with the fan going, and I feel tired.

I feel better now

I drove up to Staples to buy a package of boxes. I had already gone there right after work, to buy boxes, and I bought boxes. But they were the wrong size for Ivah's present. Right width and length but not deep enough. I think this is what set me off watching television instead of being productive.

After slugging around for a while, though, I figured I'd go back, get another set of the right-size boxes, and from there do a small hike. I parked in the Staples parking lot, bought the boxes, put them in the car, then headed off on foot with my backpack. I walked to Meadow Park and beyond, to the start of the South Street Hills open space area. I hiked up there, got to a ridge line in about fifteen minutes. Very cool to be able to do this.

A man was walking his dog in the area and he came up the hill behind me. I said hi and we got to talking. He's 42, disability retirement from the army (military police), overweight but obviously working on it (he hikes these hills three days a week, runs other days), loves animals. His name is James, his dog's name is Sadie. We talked a while about hiking and living here and he seems a nice enough chap. We decided we might do some hikes together. He has hiked all over the area, knows it very well. So I got his name & phone number.

From that high point I found my way down a different path and out through Stoneridge, which is very close to Staples at the bottom. My parking there was fortuitous. I'd say the time I spent on the hike from start to finish was only about an hour, but it was enough, especially for a weekday move. It was nice to be talking to someone at last. Gives me hope. Perhaps I am not entirely unapproachable.
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we are all a little nuts

I've been reading other people's journals and am beginning to wonder if we're all a little nuts. There is a young woman (I think) writing in unsentletters who seems to need help. She seems to be unraveling. Others are making confessions, quitting smoking, taking long tests, apologizing for liking popular music, and getting into disputes about sentence structure. Can we possibly be sane??