May 28th, 2002


waking up

I woke up to a virus trying to get in through an email. Norton stopped it and quarantined it, but then the next time I tried to download the mail it was still there. This happened again and again so I could not get the mail through ordinary means. I updated all components of my Internet Security program, just to be safe, then restarted the computer, logged on through another provider, and went into the web-based email. From there I was able to delete the sucker for once and for all. No harm done, from what I can see, but I should run a virus scan later today just to be sure nothing got in.

It's certainly worth it to me to pay for the update service. I think I get email viruses a couple of times a week. It's likely I would not be opening them anyway, but it only takes one innocent little attachment.

(no subject)

I did Tracie this afternoon, and it was good to do it. I felt better after, more ready for the PC meeting.

I am not all that happy with how the meeting went, but feel I did a fairly decent job describing my projects and answering questions. I guess my discontent comes from one of the commissioners, who was not happy with my answers. He has a certain point of view and it doesn't much matter sometimes what the staff position is. I think sometimes he just wants us to agree with him all the time. I am glad it's over. For now.

I'm having a glass of wine. I don't do that often.

oh yeah

I got Karol's package into the mail today. Good for me. I dropped off more stuff at Goodwill this afternoon. I am doing so much better with this kind of thing. It doesn't really take a lot of time but I have to be committed to doing it.
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cantaloupe soup

I just made some cold cantaloupe & peach soup, with orange & lemon juices, and it is terrific. SO yummy. Maybe I'll start some bread in the breadmaker. These domestic things just come over me. I can't stop them...