May 25th, 2002


brilliance in our schools

I was sitting in Barnes & Noble, going through some books on hiking, when I overheard two college students who were combing through the Cliffs Notes collection. One said hopefully, "'Death of a Salesman' - that's probably a mystery...". They enlisted the help of a clerk, who looked through the Cliffs Notes and noted that they were all for "literary fiction", sorry. The two were frantically trying to find a way to read a mystery without actually reading it. One of them had the idea of going into the children's section and choosing an adolescent mystery, because they are faster to read.

hike today

I've chosen a four-mile level hike down in Santa Barbara county. Level to be nice to my knees. Santa Barbara county - Goleta specifically - because I haven't spent much time there. I can go to the Good Earth restaurant afterwards, which I will look forward to. The hike promises good views, as it is near the ocean, so I'll have my camera. I am packing some food to bring along, but will stop on the way at Vons to get a few more fruits, maybe a bagel or some trail mix. I can fix a sandwich too, before I leave.

I am leaving other stuff behind. I don't need to be worrying about web pages or cleaning the bedroom or whatever. I can do some of that tomorrow.

the weekend

First leg of the frenetic Memorial Day weekend. First, a hike in SB county, then lunch at the Good Earth restaurant, then a trek through the Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival, stopping for a latte at the coffee place, and finally home again. My legs logged about five miles, probably more, altogether, and they feel a bit tired. If I feel up to it, I will write a more detailed account of it all later.

How do I follow it...I may do a movie tonight.



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blisters not on my fingers

On my feet.

Tonight I went to see About a Boy. I went to Downtown Cinemas and was standing in line to buy a ticket when I met someone I know. She asked what I was going to see. I whispered it to her because I was embarrassed. She said, 'I think that's at the Fremont". She whipped out her copy of New Times and sure enough there it was.

Now, no big deal really. I was fifteen minutes early and the Fremont was only a three blocks or so away. But with these blisters on my feet those few blocks did not go quickly. I did get into the theater fine, plenty of time. Good thing most people came later. I got a seat near the back in one of those seats that has no seat in front of it. Wonderful! Leg room!!

I have gone on more difficult hikes and not gotten blisters. I am not sure what was different this time.