May 20th, 2002


waking up

I need to get to the shower. I would like it if I didn't have to go anywhere today. AT least there's just work. Nothing else. So I can come home and cut back the jungle in my back yard and work on web pages some. One of these days I need to redo my own pages.

so many coffees, so little time

I lounged in Starbucks today after having lunch. There were two tables of talkers nearby. One was a Starbucks employee-supervisor pair, the other was a pair of what seemed to be businessmen. A lot of people seem to use Starbucks for work. I overhear the conversations about how the business is going, how one presents oneself, what the best way to get the sale is, why it seems like there is nobody around to help when the counter is slammed...

Where was I yesterday...Hobee's. There is a sign on the door at that restaurant that asks people to "limit cell phone use" for the benefit of other customers. I was quickly punching through the buttons to change my ring to "silent" when the waitress came up to take my order.

(no subject)

I cut back the jungle this aft. Only took about a half-hour. A bit less than the last time. My shoes look dreadful. They are greenish and covered with little sticky things. So are my socks.


I stalled and almost talked myself into not doing a video tonight, because I had done yard work, but this sort of thing is insidious. I know myself and I know I have to keep at it or I will slip. Vigilance!! Damn. It helps to use this journal, to announce the things I plan to do and then I feel I have to do them.

My knees hurt some of the time, mostly near the end. But I feel they will get stronger. I feel, even more than before, that this exercise is necessary to save my life, in a way. That it will become increasingly harder to return to a semblance of normal if I let go now. I only wish I had really understood this better when I was younger, and really had absorbed it.


Speaking of announcing stuff. I am going to do a 27-thing fling, focusing on the back bedroom. What else? Vacuum the living room. That Simba leaves little tufts of soft fur all over.

thirty-somethin-odd years...

Commercials I could do without...
The Nautilus Sleep System. One of the persons on this commercial says "I don't snore any more. My wife has been putting up with that for thirty-something-odd years".

And PetMeds. "Get the exact same medicine..."

Is it any wonder people don't talk so good?
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