May 19th, 2002



It went well. Our performance was probably the best we had done and the audience was a respectable size. The beginning was delayed because of lines at the box office. People learning at the last minute about the concert. This says, again, our publicity is not good.

The audience was on its feet immediately, and brought the performers out over and over. It was such a heady thing. I am so delighted that I could be a part of it, yet sad now that it is over.


I can get overtaken by bursts of domesticity from time to time. I just made some salsa, nice. And now I am going to make some artichoke-garbanzo hummus, using a recipe in the latest Veg Times. That will go into wraps later this week. It might be time to make some more beans or soup, although I still have a container of red beans and another of brown rice. I should get out back and cut the grass today. It's a nice day. I thought of doing a hike but I don't seem to be getting out there for that. Maybe tomorrow afternoon.


I have been eating all day. The hummus came out beautifully, so I had a few spoons of that. The fresh peanut butter was irresistible on the rice cakes and bagels...and so on and so on. My stomach hurts.